Automic Continuous Delivery Director Plugin

Orchestrate your CD pipeline with CA Continuous Delivery Automation and CA Continuous Delivery Director

CA Continuous Delivery Director (CA CDD) helps you orchestrate a continuous delivery pipeline for quick and dependable application deployments. The CA Continuous Delivery Director Plugin allows you to import the Application model (applications, environments, etc.) from the integrated CA Continuous Delivery Automation (formerly known as CA Automic Release Automation) instance and start both Application and General Workflows directly from the CA Continuous Delivery Director user interface.

Available Actions:

  • Import Application Model (applications, environments, etc.)
  • Start Application Workflow
  • Start General Workflow

Note: The version v3.0.0 of the plugin is not backward compatible. That means, if any older version was used in your environment, upgrading to version v3.0.0 of the CDD Plugin will require re-assignment/reconfiguration of CDA environments to CDD phases in CDD.

Supported CA Continuous Delivery Director versions:

  • CA Continuous Delivery Director V6.6 (validated with Plugin V1.0.0)
  • CA Continuous Delivery Director V6.7 (validated with Plugin V1.0.4)


  • CA Continuous Delivery Automation 12.0.x or later
    • Plugin version 1.0.2 is compabible with CA Continuous Delivery Automation V12.0
    • Plugin versions >= 1.0.3 are compatible with CA Continuous Delivery Automation >= V12.1

For detailed compatibility information try the Compatibility Checker.

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Products Continuous Delivery Automation
Versions 12.x, 12.1
Solution Area Collaboration
Operating Systems Linux, Windows
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