Helm2RM Utility

Command line utility to generate CDA applications from Kubernetes Helm Charts

In order to accomodate the fast pace of Docker based application deployments, we designed a tool that enables you to integrate CDA in the Docker toolchain seamlessly while creating as little disruption and configuration overhead as possible.

The Helm2RM utility allows you to take Kubernetes Helm Chart and generate or update a CDA application using the available information. The application will contain the components, packages and a wokflow that can be used to deploy that Helm chart to any Kubernetes cluster. Any variables defined in the Helm chart will also be configured on the Helm chart component in order to allow users to manage their values via CDA.
The value of integrating your Kubernetes deployments in CDA is around gaining visibility of which container and which version was actually deployed in which environments, access control to the Kubernetes clusters and configuration management for the containers. 

Ideally, the Helm2RM utility would be used as part of the CI cycle in order to update/create the CDA applications when there is a change in the Helm charts managed by your developers.
Read more in the documentation here: Helm2RM
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