Job Scheduling Workload Automation

Gain visibility and control of all your business workload – on-premise, cloud or hybrid – with one central automation platform.

Achieve up to 70% improvement in turnaround times for IT workload, increase IT operations productivity by 90% and realize significant savings on software license and hardware costs.


Enterprises that rely on time-based job scheduling, scripts and manual operations to manage IT workload are missing deadlines with a direct business impact. The tools they use lack the agility or scalability needed to respond to new business requirements. Also, they're cumbersome to use and proving increasingly costly to maintain. Poor visibility leaves IT Operations lacking controls while limited auditing of core business processes can result in compliance failures.


ONE Automation for Workload Automation provides an enterprise platform that centrally manages the execution of all business processes across mainframe, distributed, virtualized and cloud environments. Turnaround times of workflows are reduced by removing errors and delays from end-to-end processes. Dynamic event driven automation enables IT to be responsive to changing business demands. Organizations gain enterprise visibility and control of all processing using one interface.

  • Manage complex dependencies that span UNIX, Linux, Windows, zOS, iSeries, VMS, HP 3000 and other operating systems

  • Create new processes on a browser based canvas, utilizing object orientation to reuse existing jobs and workflows

  • Integrate business applications with enterprise process flows and use Web Services to connect with cloud, Big Data, ITaaS and mobile solutions

  • Synchonize file transfers with workflows to ensure up-to-date, accurate information is processed

  • Eliminate the errors and delays that manual interventions introduce into business processes

  • Host multiple business units or locations with multi-tenancy on a single automation platform

  • Scale business workload on a clustered architecture without needing to install extra systems or add hardware

  • Automate error handling and alerting to ensure know issues are addressed and exceptions raised when they occur

  • Track details for every task and workflow executed making it easy to report compliance

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Products Workload Automation, Automic Automation
Versions 9.x, 10.x, 11.x
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