Tenable.io Action Pack

Incorporate security scanning in your DevOps toolchain

About Nessus Tenable.io

Tenable.io - Tenable.io, the world’s first Cyber Exposure platform, arms Security with the visibility to see their entire cyber attack surface at all times (from IT to Cloud to IoT to OT) and arms the CISO, C-suite and Board of Directors with the insight to focus on the issues which matter most and make better strategic decisions.


Components for Tenable Nessus:

  • Scans - you can create, view, and manage scans and resources. Users can see all the scans that have been performed.
  • Policy - you can create a policy using multiple plugins or you can use the predefined policy.
  • Plugins - You can use any combination of Nessus provided plugins to create a policy.
  • Scanner Templates - you can use Nessus defined scanner templates to quickly create a scan. The pre-defined templates reference predefined policies like Basic Network Scan, Crediential Patch Audit, Web Application Test, etc.
  • Get Scan Details
  • Get Scan Status
  • Create Scan
  • Get Scan Template
  • Get Agent Group
  • Update Scan
  • Launch Scan
  • Pause Scan 
  • Resume Scan
  • Stop Scan
  • Download Web App Scan Results
  • Download Scan Results
  • Check Scan Status
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Products Service Orchestration, Automic Automation, Continuous Delivery Automation
Versions 12.2
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